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Thursday, December 08, 2005

FDK Episode 002 : Art, Community and Jake McKee

At long last, here's Future Development Kit Episode Two. If you're having problems with the feed, you can find the mp3 file here, but please use the feed if at all possible. This episode features an update on Bar Camp Dallas, an impassioned plea for all geeks to visit their local art gallery, and an interview with Jake McKee, community evangelist, proprietor of the Community Guy blog, and North Texas resident.

  • Have the cool kids thrown a party and not invited you? Don't mope. Throw your own, even cooler, party. Preferably in Dallas:

  • This is probably going to get me an "explicit" tag, but Art Prostitute is the coolest gallery in the Metrowub and must be mentioned. Go there in person (they're in Denton) and buy a T-shirt:

  • Dallas feels the need to pretend it's NYC by calling its museums "The <Nickname>". In this case, it's "The Contemporary." Don't let the lame nickname fool you, check out the program, and if the Moving Pictures exhibit is still on, you should go. It's free. I may have lied about the T-shirts, but go anyway.

  • The interweb is made of people, and Jake McKee's blog discusses how to talk with them not just at them:

  • Using Lego robots to turn perfectly normal little boys and girls into socially inept techno-geeks since 1998. w00t!

  • If you can get past the "Identity 2.0" buzzphrase and the impossible-to-pronounce name, sxip has some very interesting things to say about how identity should be managed in a *cough* Web 2.0 world. Your entire identity will be online, wouldn't you rather have some say about how it's used?

  • Just Another Soldier : A Year on the Ground in Iraq

  • Y: The Last Man Vol. 1: Unmanned

The next planned episode will concentrate on BarCamp Dallas, but as that's a long stretch to go without your FDK, I'll see about getting a mini-espisode out sometime between now and the end of January.