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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Welcome to the Future Development Kit

Here's the special introductory Episode Zero Podcast. No guests, just a quick introduction to what FDK is all about accompanied by a cheesy GarageBand loop.

Episode Links:
  • Vernor Vinge is the science fiction author that came up with the term "Singularity". It has an obvious connection with Christian "Rapture" stories, although I suspect few on either side really want the connection examined too closely:
  • I invariably read "Chinati Foundation" as "Chianti", like the Italian wine. I think I've probably mispronounced it that way in front of people who know better and who now think I'm stupid. Oh well:
  • I like textured soy protein products, especially fake sausage and that super-realistic fake squid. I'd probably like Soylent Green, even though it's not technically a pure soy product:
  • Graham's blog is generally pretty good. Not sure what's up with that "Happiness" entry, though, have to ask him in the next episode:
  • Most people consider science fictions novels to be thought-provoking entertainment. Extropians think of them as blueprints. Some of us might get to see who has the last laugh:
For next time, I've got Graham Glass, author, educator, coder and entrepreneur, lined up. It should be interesting.

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